Remembering Our Friend...

Roy Crecelius

9/26/1948 to 2/8/2008
REALTOR® Jan 18, 1985
Bay County Association of REALTORS® President 2000 and 2005

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Don Cornelius and Mike Giese
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For more than 21 years, as a member of our association and our company, Roy has been a wonderful friend to everyone who came to know him. He willingly gave his time and talent for the benefit of others and served as a shining example of service to our profession and the entire community. While he accomplished much as a leader, always with the highest degree of ethics and integrity, he never took himself too seriously. We can all remember him as the fun-loving and compassionate friend who would do anything for you. We already miss him dearly, and can't imagine our community without him. Please keep Cathy and Tony in your prayers.
Tom & Margaret Neubauer

What an incredible man. From teacher to mentor to advisor, I will truly miss him. Roy helped me through many an uncertain time as a new agent--always available to answer questions or give a little advice. What I will remember most is his integrity and unwavering professionalism. We are blessed to have known him--we are much at loss without him. God bless his family in this most difficult time.
Bobbie Brigman
It's hard to imagine that our next ERA Broker Council meeting will be without Roy, or as I jokingly called him, Dr. Phil. In reading through the memories posted already, it sounds as if he not only looked like Dr. Phil, but he also had a talent for bringing out the best in people and helping them with their problems. We will miss you, Roy!
Gloria Frazier
I have struggled for some time to come up with the words to express my feeling of loss at Roy’s passing. I have worked with Roy for almost 20 years and every memory of him reflects an experience that was humorous, uplifting and positive. His door was always open and he always had time to chat. We often wonder why good people are taken so early, I’m extremely grateful for the time we had with Roy. The world, and our lives are better because Roy touched a part of us. My thoughts and prayers are with Cathy and Tony in this difficult time.
Linda Hancock
While I wasn’t personal friends with Roy, I did benefit from his expertise and dedication as he was my instructor for my broker post-licensing class a few years ago. Roy made class enjoyable and it was evident in how he taught, that he took great pride and enormous efforts to teach and assist us in accomplishing our goals. I remember specifically how we formed groups and mapped out the steps needed to form and administer a successful new brokerage firm. That kind of learn-by-experience teaching is so much more helpful than assimilating a procedure from a book. I will miss Roy and I know our other students and our Association will too. I wish his family, friends, and colleagues great strength and insight at this difficult time. Sincerely,
Bill Holt
We could only hope to touch as many lives in such a positive way as Roy did. The Bay County Association of Realtors didn’t just lose a great Realtor and past president, we lost a great friend to all. Roy had a gift of humor, made us all laugh, and above all played fair. We will miss this great friend of Realtors. God bless you Roy and your family. We will miss you…. With Deepest Sympathy,
Bill Fitzgerald
I had the pleasure of working with Roy and learning the real estate business from him. He was an outstanding mentor and friend to myself as well as many others. My husband also had the pleasure of sharing golf adventures and many laughs and great times with Roy. He will be missed by both of us.
Kerry Silha and Randy Armstrong
I have waited to send in my memories of Roy because I was not sure what to say, how to say it, or how to fathom what his whole family is going through. I know our sadness and regret that he is gone is but a minute measure of what Cathy, Tony, Sarah, and Rebecca must be feeling. He was an entertaining teacher, a mentor, a teammate, and a friend that could handle my sarcasm as well as he could dish it out. I realized that I have known Roy for 13 years through my real estate courses and then as my boss, from whom I gained my knowledge of the property management business. Thanks to Roy for going to manage the Beach office, I was able to start making advances within the department! (He would definitely have some sarcastic come back for that comment.) As with everyone else, my thoughts will be with Roy’s family at this difficult time.
Jenifer Hiddleson
I feel lucky and privileged to have known Roy and to call him a friend. He taught me so much, not just in the classroom but in everyday business life as well. When I came into the business Roy was one of those certain individuals who welcomed you into the business and were there as surrogate mentors regardless of what company worked. Roy was one of my inspirations to get involved at the State level to bring back ideas to help our local Board. And I definitely bonded with Roy because of his "great" sense of humor and how he taught me that "it's not always all about money, it's about helping people and having a little fun as well." Roy, I miss you and going down to the FAR convention just won't be the same. God Bless you Roy!
Vince Price
We extend our sympathies and prayers to the Crecelius family. Godspeed,
Phil and Randye Glenn
Words simply cannot express my feelings at this point… it was such a privilege to work with Roy and call him a true friend. He had such a tremendous impact on so many people and truly embraced all that being a Realtor is about- friends, family, fairness, and fun! What a fun person he was, what a great attitude he always had- that infectious grin and sparkle in those eyes… Roy, I’m going to miss you with my whole heart- you have left us with a huge legacy and challenge. I pray God’s richest blessings for your family and peace in their hearts.
Until me meet again...Jan Cox
I've never known anyone just like Roy. All of us at the Beach office of ERA Neubauer have realized for a long time that there is no one like Roy. That's why we feel such a loss. Most of us have not worked for any other Broker, but Roy was more than our Broker. He intuitively knew how to be whatever was needed in any situation. From "office manager" to "office comic" & everything in between, he carried off each role beautifully because no matter what he did, Roy was himself. He was quite comfortable with that & so were we. Roy created a work environment that was both professional & also lots of fun. He proved that you can have it all. Roy was a well-grounded voice of reason with a million dollar sense of humor. His influence of integrity & ethics instilled & strengthened my commitment to my career. Life without Roy is hard to imagine. My daily prayers will be with each member of his family. I am thankful that God led me to the place He did, & gave me the opportunity to learn from & laugh with Roy.
Robin & Don Freeman
It was a privilege and great honor to work with Roy for the past three years. His friendship had immensely impacted my life in the short time I knew him. I always looked forward to going to the office, see his light on, knowing that it would just be a matter of time before we would all be laughing. Whenever he was not there, there was always a tinge of disappointment, and I would ask, “Where’s Roy?” Roy set the tone at the office and it was a pleasure to work with him. He was not just a mentor, but a wonderful friend. Each year when the phone books would arrive at the office, Roy would do his best impression of Navin R. Johnson from The Jerk, “The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! …. I am somebody!!” Yes, Roy was a somebody, somebody always ready to lend assistance, to brighten the day, to look up to. He was to many of us the first contact we had in real estate, and he carried each one of us on his shoulders at one time or another, helping us all to strive onward toward success.

The light is off in his office now, but his presence continues to illuminate all of us fortunate enough to have known him. May fond memories of his humor brighten our days, his laughter continue to ring in our ears, and that infectious smile live on continually when our thoughts turn towards this man so well loved. I am deeply grateful to have known Roy and he will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Crecelius family at this time, and the days ahead.
April Hess

Our hearts go out to Cathy, Tony, Sara, Rebecca and Family… We continue to uplift you in prayer that Christ will comfort you during this unbelievable time. Roy’s positive and inspiring nature was always ever present in our weekly Tuesday night Boy Scout meetings together. Memories of camp outs and Roy’s contributions and encouragement of others will continue to multiply and grow as we apply what he taught us and emulate his nature. Roy’s contribution of wisdom and leadership at the Association of Realtors continues to benefit the lives of so many in our community and the love he had for his family was ever so strong and present in all of his conversations. A part of us is gone but never forgotten.
Mike & Tanya Sharp
I’ve had the honor and privilege to know Roy for the past 4 years through our sons’ mutual involvement in the Boy Scouts, Troop 321. What a wonderful father and mentor he was, always smiling, positive and patient with the boys and a blast to be around on a campout. I know his loss is devastating for Tony and our hearts go out to him and his family. His loss will also be felt by many other boys, including my son Sullivan, who liked, looked up to and enjoyed Roy’s spirit, personality, example and leadership he gave whenever he was around.
Mike Madewell
Roy was so special to me. His sweet sense of humor was delightful. His caring ways were a blessing to many. I truly enjoyed working with him as President for 2000 and 2005 and in many other capacities. Cathy, I extend my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. If I can be of help, please do not hesitate to call me.
Sincerely, Eleanor
I can proudly say that Roy was my friend and I truly enjoyed working with him. He could be both comical and serious and so much fun to be around. You never had to get to know Roy, he was one of those persons you knew from the first time you meet him. Roy, you will be missed and never forgotten.
Patty Bertram
We extend our sympathies and prayers to the Crecelius family. Godspeed,
Phil and Randye Glenn
I am so sad to hear this terrible news. He was a good man. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Roy’s immediate family and his extended Realtor family far and near…
Marilue M. Maris P.A.
Roy was a wonderful person and a great teacher. I took his course for my second year licensing requirement. I remember well his "I can't tell you the answers that will be on your exams , but it would be a good idea when I stomp my foot like this to study REAL hard". And I seriously doubt that I could have passed the exam without his kind patience with the IGGY-PIGGY-NOR formula assistance. I am not an accountant and I was in a panic I would fail over this portion of the test. He got me past the hurdle.
I remember well in 2000 when I was voted # 2 REALTOR in Best of Bay, the following award presentation he teased me when handing me my plaque and I joked back I still can't do IGGY-PIGGY!
He will be sorely missed in our organization . I am so sorry other students will not get the benefit of his instruction and guidance , as I was fortunate enough to have had in years past.
Mine and Steve's sympathy to his immediate family , REALTORS ,Board Members that have worked so closely with him over the years. People like Roy do not come along in our lives every day , we were blessed by his life and talents.
Mary Ann Larson
I just found out. This is devastating for me, he has been a mentor for me for the last 7 years with all of my classes, real estae license and brokers. He will be missed terribly.
Renee' Rackett
I was his student and would not be a realtor today if not for Roy. Oh! what a loss. I could not believe what I was reading on Sunday. My prayers are with you Cathy.
Linda Leach
I was a Broker with ERA-Neubauer Real Estate & knew Roy while I was with Neubauer. My family & I would like to extend our condolences to the family of Roy Crecelius. Roy was always a gentleman to me & will be sorely missed. We will say prayers when we are mass & will light a candle in remembrence of him.
This is the third time that I have tried to write down what Roy meant to me with out crying. He was not only my broker but also my friend. I feel like I had gotten to know him well over the past four years working with him. He could be a comedian one minute and a tower of strength for us the next. We all loved him at our office. One of the things that Roy taught me was to never give up. He encouraged us all and brought out the best in each one of us. We wanted to do a good job and make him proud, and we still do. Our love and prayers go out to Cathy, Tony and the girls. I just want to say thank you Roy. We are going to miss you.
Jeannie Whitworth
I feel honored to have know Roy. He was a wonderful broker and was always their to give great pearls of wisdom. Roy so loved his family and his community. My heart goes out to all the ERA group for your loss of such a wonderful man.
Love, Colleen Dietrich
A Class Act! Roy was the epitome of a true professional. Thoroughly knowledgeable, professional, and personable. His ability to add humor to some pretty dry material made learning fun. The first time I met him at a Realtor function, we were in the corner and the jokes started and we spent the entire evening laughing. A pleasure to know him.
Danny Somers
I have known and dealt with Roy Crecelius before and after Real Estate License. We have lost a nice friend and a brother. My sympathies and condolences to his wife and his family. We will miss you Roy!!!
Abdul Rahim
I lost a good friend Friday. Roy was a very special person to me who demonstrated trust and honor by his words and by his life.
Stan Foster
As an affiliate member of the Association, I have had the pleasure of working with Roy during the past several years, and all I can say is, "To know Roy is to love Roy"! I remember one of the first fund raisers that I was involved with, and probably one of my favorite memories of Roy, was the fashion show to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Not really knowing Roy that well then, I thought it odd that he volunteered to participate as a model, but as I look back, who, other than Roy, would have guts enough to wear a dress and wig, parade through a huge room of onlookers and end up being the star of the show? That evening, just as with everything he touched, Roy left his calling card with the crowd, and what a great calling card he had. If we could all have the wonderful zest for life that lived within him, the world would be a better place. He approached everything with such a great attitude. More often than not, it was with his wit and humor that we made it through, but he supplied more than just "fun". Roy was always there to help, no matter how easy or hard the task may have been, his continued devotion was overwhelming. His sudden departure now leaves us with a void that can only be filled with memories, but it is to our fortune, that any memory of Roy will only make our hearts smile and bring warmth to our soul.
To his family and friends my deepest sympathy is extended. My thoughts and prayers are, and will continue to be with you all during this difficult time.
Terri Tillman Parker
As a stone thrown into a lake causes a ripple that extends out from its center to beyond, So has the shock and sadness of the passing of Roy Crecelius, our dear friend and colleague.
May his life and character be honored by each of us, living out the essence of who he was. In our honesty, professionalism, integrity, sincerity and helping hand, may we be a mirrored image him.
Let the stone be thrown………..causing a ripple that extends beyond its center………never to be forgotten.
Paige Parrott
Roy was my instructor when I took the Broker's Course. He was a great instructor--always laid-back but very informative and knowledgeable--and what a sense of humor! I'll miss you, Roy!
Janet Jones
What more can be said?! I don't always check the MLS site on weekends; but, for some reason, I did this past Saturday. I saw Roy's smiling picture in the middle of the page and I wondered: "What accolade has he won now?" I began reading and could not believe my eyes. Friday was my 75th birthday - and now Roy - 15 years my junior - is GONE on my birthday! My heart goes out to Cathy and Tony. How will they ever deal with this tremendous loss? I know, with God's help, they will be able to, but I know it will be so very, very hard. Roy was the epitome of a good friend and a great Realtor: Honest, ethical, comedic, professional, caring, loving - all with Class! I have been with Roy on many Boards of Directors and served with him on many committees. I have attended conventions and had the pleasure of sharing them with him. My heart is broken with this loss and it goes out to his other dear friends that include Jack Coy, Teresa Dyer, and Kay and Jim Vider, to mention only a few. I will be away and will not be here to express my deepest sympathy to Cathy and Tony, but my heart and spirit will be there. God Bless.
Cherry Creekmore
I have known Roy for around 25 years, in which time he always had a great smile, a wonderful sense of humor, and a pleasant word for and about everyone. He will be greatly missed. When we leave this earth, the most important thing left behind is the memories our friends and families have of us. I will always remember him with a smile on my face. Goodbye, Roy, and thanks for the memories.
Sarah Lark
A son, a brother, a husband, a farther, an adviser and a good friend to many will be sadly missed by all!! Thoughts and prayers for the family.
Pete Sherman
Roy was one of those people who you always remember for their dedication to their fellow man and to his constant commitment to professionalism and honor. I was proud to have studied for Realtor Pre-License, Post-License, Broker pre-license, Broker Post-License under Roy's supervision. My sympathies go out to his family, all those who knew Roy and to Pat and the wonderful folks who worked with Roy in the school. I will always remember Roy for the gentleman he was and the strength, honest and leadership he lived every day.
Rollin Ryan
As an affiliate member of the Association I have known Roy for quite a long time. One of my fondest memories will be of a fashion show we sponsored money benefitting the domestic violence shelter. Roy gladly volunteered to be one of our celebrity models and dress up in women's clothes. Anything to help our great cause and support the Association. How blessed we were to get to know him. To say he will be missed is an understatement.
Lou Lester
From the first time I met Roy- he always made me feel welcome. I will miss the mornings he visited the West office. He always came in with a smile and asked for his coffee and paper. I will miss his phone calls to "Mrs. Lubner" the most. Each time I filled in at the Beach office, we had a wonderful time. Roy was truly a blessing in my life and will never be forgotten. My heart and prayers go out to Cathy, Tony and the rest of the Crecelius family. Thank you for sharing Roy with us.
Ann Graber
I had the pleasure of knowing Roy for at least 11 years. He was an important member of the Association and was involved in a "skit" we preformed the Association Banquet. I was an affiliate member at the time and as a member of the Communications Committee, a part of this crazy skit. When we started practice, in walked Roy (he was Charlie Brown in the skit.) I expected someone with Roy's credentials and position to be stuffy and somewhat "aloof," but not ROY. He was kind, considerate, giving, funny, thoughtful, expressive and always a Gentleman. When I read of his passing, I was totally taken aback that I had not seen Roy in sometime, but I always knew that if I needed an answer to a question or some advice I could always "Call Roy." He helped me with my real estate career and convinced me that I could become a Broker and take on the world. Well, here's to you, Roy. I sure hope you knew what a terrific person you were and how much we all loved you. I will pray for your family and hope that they will soon find peace with this true tragedy.
Lori Morgan
Dear Crecelius family,

Thank you for sharing Roy with us. As his profession called for him to be away from home quite a bit, you were more than understanding. Thank you. His level of professionalism and ethical integrity was understated, but understood, and something to be striven for. His sense of humor was definitely never understated, as his attitude was that of a day-changer and for many people probably a life-changer, a memorable person with an unforgettable personality. We could only pray to have the outlook on other people that Roy had. I did not have the opportunity to get to know him as well as many others. But it seemed as if he was always an encouragement and showed himself faithful to provide hope to those who needed it, whether they knew they needed the pick-me-up or not. I was looking so forward to getting to know him much better - both personally and professionally. We will miss him. I hope that we can each learn something from him and incorporate it into our lives - his willingness to bring a sparkle to others. Beyond all of his professional achievements (and there were plenty), the one thing that he seemed to earnestly love was to make someone smile.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-4, 12, 13 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil-this is the gift of God."

Thank you Crecelius family for sharing Roy with us. We will miss him. Our prayer is that God's grace, peace and mercy comfort you and your entire family.
The Harless Family

Roy was a one of a kind. I will always remember him as a wonderful person and enjoyed life to the fullest. I admired him for his love of live and the way that he loved his family and friends. He always carried a smile in his pocket to give to others. One of the funniest memories I have is the one of our convention trip to Las Vegas. He went with all of us girls to see the CHIPNDALES. What a blast we had. His funny quirts' that he put in all his presentations will be missed. He was such a terrific guy. He will be missed greatly.
Judy Finch
My husband and I met Roy and Cathy 23 years ago when we moved here through Pam Donahue a former realtor with ERA Neubauer. What a delightful couple to be around. Roy was always a jokester and always smiling...the life of the party if you will. I came in contact with Roy again when I decided to take the pre-licensure course through the Association a few years ago. He was so encouraging! Every now and then I run into Cathy and we always "pick up where we left off." When my Mom passed away this past August I received a precious note from Roy. He was always thinking of others. Roy will be greatly missed! Cathy you and your family are in our prayers and thoughts during this most difficult time in your life. Love to you!
Paul and Debbie Massey
My heart is heavy with sadness for the loss of our friend Roy. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I've known Roy for a few short years now, and it has been wonderful knowing him. I will miss his smile, jokes and especially when he walks by my office and says "Hey Laine" you need more post licensing books or tease me about how cold or hot my office was that day. You never knew what he might say to have you laughing. I am missing my friend dearly already.
Elaine Clay
What can I say? The world is a dimmer place without Roy in it. He was synonymous with fun. He was my sounding board and partner in a new sub committee. He was very smart in our profession and always professional. He laughed at his self as much as we did. He will be greatly missed by the Realtor family.
Teresa Dyer
Roy has been a great friend of Trisha's and mine for some 21 years, always just a phone call away. Roy was one of those people that would do anything for you, always leaving things better than he found them. Greatly involved with our Association and our community, Roy gave unselfishly of his time and energy. Roy left an indelible mark on ERA Neubauer Real Estate, too, and we are much better place because of him. A few of us were fortunate to have dinner with Roy Thursday evening, enjoying his warm company and charming wit one last time. It's hard to imagine the days and weeks ahead without him. Please keep Cathy, Tony, Rebecca and Sarah in your prayers and thoughts. I promise they will appreciate it.
Fondly, Steve and Trisha Butler
My deepest sympathy and condolences. Roy was a very special man, and I was happy to know him as a friend and confidante. There was never a problem too hard for him to help with, and it was always my pleasure to recommend him first when I was asked to suggest a school that cared.

In Christ's love
Fred Covert

Roy, Doneta and I will truly miss you as a friend, instructor, volunteer, and fellow realtor you are the greatest. Thank you for all the fun times we had together including being towed from Pizza Hut after the FSU game. I always had fun with Roy he could make anyone laugh; thanks for never missing a chance make someone smile. You truly are a great guy. Our hearts and prayers go out to Cathy and Tony and all of Roy's family. Roy's family meant the world to him. Roy we love you and will forever miss you.
Rex and Doneta Free
Roy Crecelius. The very reason that I am with ERA today. A man who had so much faith in me and showed it every chance that he had. I owe him so much, and still will strive at the best of my abilities to make him proud. From the depth of his understanding to his nutty personality he had with that mischievous grin on his face that never failed to make me laugh and brighten my day, he will be missed. So, here's to Roy, it will never be the same without you, my prayers are forever with your family. May God give them the strength they need.
Ashley Douglas
Roy was my dear friend for many years, although I didn't see him very often, he was always a phone call away for a quick question or some serious advise. He was so kind, good natured and a true friend. I will miss him so much, I pray for him and his family, and I'll never forget him.
Doreen Morgan
What a loss and what a shock. I just spoke with Roy twice last week. He was a true professional and a pleasure to know. He always had time to help with a real estate question and always had a great sense of humor. My Prayers and thoughts got out to his family.
Sandy Webb
I only knew Roy for a short time,but saw right away what a wonderful and funny person he was. He will be truly missed. My thought and prayers are with Roy's family. May God give all of you the strength you need at this time.
Mary Macaluso
I just saw Roy last week at a short sale seminar. When someone has been taken suddenly it is such a shock to deal with. Cathy, I am so sorry. Roy helped me get my real estate license when I was employed by him at ERA in the property management office. I had taken the test and missed it by 2 points, I was so discouraged! Roy smiled and said "it happens" and he offered to help me cram for the next test. Well we crammed the day before the test and everything he went over was on the test. I will always be so grateful for his help. In the years since I moved from ERA, if I had a question, he was never to busy to take my call. He will be so missed by so many.
Robin Dallas
My first meeting of Roy was when I came to interview here at the Association in February 2000. What can I say about Roy that most people did not know, he was great guy. When it came to talking about Association business, he listen with interest. I will miss our talks about college football with regards to FSU and Florida. To his family, my prayers are with you during this time.
Tammy Hill
I didn't know Roy well, but he sure could light up a room and always made me smile when I encountered him. My thoughts & prayers are with his family.
Tami Rose
Bill and I were so shocked to hear the horrible news! Roy was such a great guy! It just could not be true!!! We were students of his back in 1998, and he made learning all this real estate stuff fun! Bill and I enjoyed seeing him at Fred Astaire when we would happen to have lessons at the same time. We figured if we couldn't sell real estate, we could at least learn how to ballroom dance! Our hearts go out to Cathy who has lost a true gentleman for a husband, and will surely miss his smiling face. There is comfort in knowing that he is smiling down from heaven and saying "I will see you again one day." He surely will be missed by all who were lucky to know him.
Diane Peevy
Thanks Roy you gave so much to our community and thanks for helping so many of us reach our goals. My husband & I attended your school for real estate several years ago and I had the pleasure of knowing you and working with you some too. You will be missed so much by so many. We will keep your family in our prayers.
Hope Abbott
Roy, you are truly going to be missed by everyone. I feel very lucky to have known you both in the professional world and in my personal life. You always had the right joke, the perfect word of encouragement and you were a great teacher of the industry that we all love. Thank you for your time and generosity.
Robbie Hughes
My prayers are with the family in this very difficult moment. I will remember Roy as a very happy guy, friendly and always smiling. I will miss seeing him and laughing at his funny remarks; always making people around him enjoy life. This life is not ours, but the Lords and he has the best plans for us. Prayer and faith will carry us and his family through this moment and time. Love in Christ.
Alma Sanders
We're all going to miss Roy - he was a great guy and a great friend. I've known Roy since I got into Real Estate and as I write this on my laptop I'm looking at the laptop roller bag Roy gave me a few years back. I love Roy's sense of humor and some of us that go back a while in Bay County Real Estate will remember him as "Charlie Brown" (from the Coasters hit) which he performed at an Association function a few years back.

One of my favorite "Roy moments" was when his Real Estate school was a few doors down from my Karate class and I had walked outside wearing my uniform at the time he and his class were on break…With perfect timing as I walked toward him to say hello he said to a few of his students "Some brokers wear suits to the office, others dress more casual (then he pointed to me and said) and this one wears Pajamas.

I'll miss a great guy, friend, and colleague. I'll keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.
Tony Viejo

My deepest sympathy to Roy's family. I liked working with Roy for his humor and ability to "cut to the chase" on any subject. He will indeed be missed.
Nick Ranone
We all were blessed to have known Roy. My heart and prayers go out to his family.
Mandy Jenkins
As I read the words on the MLS, the only thing I keep on saying/thinking is..."Oh My God!...Oh My God!!" What a loss!! My love to the family and prayers for strength as well. Roy was truly one of a kind and he will live on in our hearts forever as he has touched them deeply. I am glad I was blessed with Roy's presence in my a teacher and a mentor. We never, never know when it is our time go....everyone, please, tell your family and friends how important they are and enjoy them while you can.
Laura Kent....
"Blessed are those who can give without remembering ... And take without forgetting. "
I just saw Roy two days ago as he passed by my desk on his way to the refrigerator. He stopped to talk and as always had words of encouragement and a big smile. I have only had the pleasure of knowing Roy for a short time but was instantly impressed with his professionalism, integrity and kindness. What a great loss to our company, to our community and to his family. God Bless you Crecelius family and my prayers are with you as you begin your journey without a very special man.
Lisa Klug
Roy was one in a million! As I remember him he was always smiling. He had a "heart of gold". He was always there to help whenever you needed him. What a loss! We shall all remember his wisdom, his sincerity, his sense of humor and most of all, his caring for all of us! Roy, you will be sooo missed!
Barbara J Stevens
Roy was always generous with his time and knowledge. Every interaction left you saying to yourself...."what a nice guy." Condolences to his family and friends.
Leon Matsil
What a tragic loss for all … family, friends, community and the real estate profession! Roy was a great guy, one that you always enjoyed being around - with both a great sense of humor and a willingness to help when help was needed. His passing opens a void in so many of us who knew him, a void that will never be filled with the loss of his smile and kind presence. Roy will be sorely missed, he certainly enriched many lives, as he certainly did mine! Cathy, may God touch you and soften your pain during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Roy!
John Altman
Roy was one of a kind. He was kind, thoughtful and a truly good person. He was a true friend and I am going to miss him terribly. He brought laughter and fun everywhere. The man could light up a room! We drank good booze, too, even thought I do not smoke cigars. I'm sure he is telling God stories and offering him a cigar and a drink. We were all blessed to know him.
Joe Corbin
All I can say is God just got a great angel to be watching out for all of us. He has always been inspiring to me because he was so generous with his advice. Anytime I needed advice for my business he was always happy to be there for me. He will be greatly missed. He was a great teacher and friend to the real estate community and I am proud to have known him and called him a friend. - God Bless
Trish Wheeler
Roy, you will be missed. I am glad to have served under Roy when he was President. He was always gleaming. A generous and kind leader for our membership. I dont know who can say he was ever cross or even stressed, while he juggled his responsibilities and lead us all. God Bless those whose lives you are leaving vacant at this time. May we all be together again someday.
Krista Navarro
I received my education from Roy five years ago and thought he was such a great teacher and really took the edge off learning with his great since of humor. I will never forget being at City Walk in Universal down in Orlando with Roy and everyone a couple of years ago, and him walking around in a Bob Marley Hat with dreadlocks hanging down. He was a wonderful person to be around and I will certainly miss him.
Daryle Burkey
To the guy that never failed to bring a smile to my face....we will miss you Roy!
Celia Bush
Roy was probably one of my first contacts in Panama City. I met him many years ago at the annual Florida Real Estate Educator's meeting. Roy was a highly respected educator and he has left his mark on the lives of many who work in our profession. He loved to share his knowledge with others and that is a great gift. Even though we are all sadden by this loss Roy will live on through all the lives he has touched.
Jim Free
This is the loss of a tremendous individual to both our community and our Association. His infectious sense of humor touched everyone who came in contact with Roy. Teacher, leader, friend; you will be missed. Heartfelt condolences to his family.
Ray Young
Like so many others, I received my entire real estate education from Roy. I even had the pleasure and honor of starting my professional career under his management and tutelage. A terrific teacher, Roy's presentations made it possible for us adults to sit in a classroom day after day and not only learn but enjoy being there. Always the first to find and share the humor in any situation, life and work were just more enjoyable when he was around. Talking to Roy was always a bright spot in anyone's day and he improved more lives than Dr. Phil ever could. There is no doubt that our world was better because he was in it and things just won't be the same without him.
Michael Abney
Roy Cecelius was a true leader in the real estate profession in Bay County. He was one of those rare individuals who had the courage to "go where no one has gone before." A huge majority of real estate agents in Bay County today were students of his real estate school. Many of us not only received our pre-license education through Roy's school, but post-license, broker pre-license and post-license courses as well. He was a fun-loving, delightful person who genuinely cared for people. He will be greatly missed in Bay County. I would like to extend love, prayers, and deepest sympathy for Cathy and all of Roy's family members. God bless you all.
Jan Evett
My heart is so sad for the loss of our friend. He was such a joy to be around and could keep us laughing when we needed it. He could also be serious if we needed him to be, always quick to respond if we needed his help. My heart is so very sad for Cathy and Tony. He was a fantastic person and a great friend. We love you Roy. We miss you.
Jo Ann Revell
Roy will be deeply missed by our association. He was always so fun to be around. I can picture him now leading the whole bus full of REALTOR's in a verse of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" on the way home from Legislative Day. He knew how to make everyone laugh and smile. We will miss you Roy
Carrie L. Routt
What a tragic loss to our community, our association, to our Realtor Family. Roy touched the lives of so many of us and so many others. I'm glad we were honored to know him and will keep his family in our prayers. We love you Roy.
Scott & Jennifer Bowman
My sympathy and thoughts are with Roy's family. I remember him as one of my teachers in real estate school and always remember nice things about him. He added much to the real estate business and I'm sure, his family's life, and will be missed.
Kathleen Costely

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